Negrato Trucks

Negrato Trucks transfers vehicles by road, without any kind of cargo on board during the transfer. It provides complete registration of movements, insurance and certifications based on the type of vehicle. It offers a vehicle transport service of all types (driving license categories “B” – “C” – “D” – “E”). With a dedicated deposit for the custody of the vehicles, at the time of taking over, Negrato Trucks issues the third-party auto, theft/fire insurance and KASKO, with the related accessory guarantees. The costs related to the transfer of vehicles are covered by the company. Also, if is necessary, the vehicles have the obligation of regular and valid revision. In the event of sanctions and / or measures, Negrato Trucks is not responsible and this will be charged entirely to the customer.

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  •  Tractor units
  • Trailers
  • Automobiles
  • Special Vehicles
  • Buses

Negrato Trucks is at your service in 3 different languages: Italian, English and Romanian. It operates in all markets, thanks to a specialized team with knowledge of all the means and needs of their reference market. The staff is made up of different nationalities and cultures, this represents a strength of the company.
We are aware of import regulations and restrictions. We guarantee that customers always receive the documents and the certificates necessary for the vehicles registration.

Negrato Trucks
we love what we do

Negrato Trucks is a versatile partner with global experience. 
We share the experiences of other companies with our customers in order to provide always a complete service.

It's a young and dynamic company that has been working in the field of vehicles movement since 2012.
Thanks to a team of specialized sellers with knowledge of all the vehicles and the needs of their international reference market.